About Us

The Capriole Equestrian brand was started back in 2005 when the two founding members came together with a common goal - to make good quality rugs at an affordable price. It was decided that the fabric quality, threads and fittings had to be of the highest standard. These founding members where both involved in the wholesale fabric, threads and fittings market in Australia and they knew what products worked and what didn't. 

The next step was to find someone with the knowledge of manufacturing of horse rugs, that’s when Di Leslight became involved. Di had run a successful horse rug manufacturing business in Murwillumbah, Northern New South Wales. She had sold her business and moved north to Bundaberg. One of the owners approached her and asked her to be involved in this new project. This entailed a trip to India to set up the factory and train the staff - only thing was she had never been on a plane! After a period of six months of planning and purchasing machines here in Australia off she went to India. The setup took a month to do and the first products arrived in Australia soon after. 

Capriole rugs have been based on Australian patterns as these were the patterns used and designed by Di. These rugs are made for our horses here so they will fit horses here. They are made to cope with the harsh conditions that we experience.  The Capriole brand has now become a well known and loved brand and anytime you go to almost any horse event you will see the Capriole logo on many rugs. 

Capriole has now also set up a custom made section.  This new website is just for the custom products on here you can select all the components to build your own saddelcloths, rugs and boots.

October 2018 Capiole Custom was taken over by Carlee Knight and her team at Bairnsdale Horse Centre.  They will continue supplying the range of products with the same great quality.